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2006-11-08 - 11:00 a.m.

So, Marie and I are closing on our home on the 21st.

It's pretty sweet.

It's very spacious, 3990qt ft with textured walls and arched doorways.

The kitchen has stained woodwork and cabinetry, which isn't my favorite look, but the marble countertops are nice. It has a great island, skywide ventilation tile backsplash. I don't like electric stovetops, but that will be easy to upgrade.

All throughout the first floor, there is Frieze carpet and imported italian tile, and wood plank flooring in the kitchen, living areas and the study.

The master bedroom suite is oversized, very neat shape, with corners and of my favorite rooms in the house. Marie loves the huge walk-in closet which is about as big as our current bedroom now. (only a slight exaggeration)

Upstairs we'll be putting Chloe's bedroom, marie's office, a playroom (one day converted to a nursery) and my media room, complete with pool table and stonework bar, with slate top. It also has a swank walk in bar, where I'll be sure to have tons of entertaining spirits and wines. That's how I do.

The outside isn't particularly amazing, but it's nice, and clean. My dad is probably upset that it's brick and not stucco, but in texas you don't have alot of choices, also Steven Cloud is a total dick.

This photo that marie took doesnt show the left side of the house, because the garage was open and showed all the current occupant's junk. I don't care really, because it has hardly been lived in.

Our neighborhood is nice, with alot of really well maintained yards. So we'll have some catchup to do.

We paid 274 plus closing for the house. It was appraised for 310k.

We Win.

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