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2007-04-23 - 9:48 a.m.

Living in Orlando again is kind of odd. It's a city I'm very comfortable in, but it's not like I feel any personal connection with anything Florida-related.

California will always be home to me.

We have managed to find a really wonderful house, and are leasing, while renting out our Texas home to a great family. It's nice to be a homeowner of course, but it's weird to not live in the house you've worked so hard to get.

The house we're in now, is a little over half the size of our Texas home, but it seems to be enough room for now. I can't complain. It's big and the only drawback is that it's kind of dark inside.

That's the exterior. The yard is immaculate. There is a long driveway to the right of the yard that goes all the way to the back of the property line. In the back there is a small area that we're looking at turning into a useable garden instead of just a 25 foot square of grass.

Picture of Chloe's bedroom. The other half has her large closet and desk area, as well as room for her toys and paintings...

Marie's done some work in the bathroom, terrible picture, but it's what I have today. You can at least see the color scheme, and the vintage magazine ads that she put together. I'm proud of the work she's done on this house so far.

These are a few snaps of the living room. You can see all the consoles and games and stuff under the tv. It makes our HDTV look so small there, but if I got a 62 inch or 55 inch it would be weird sitting so close.

Maybe in the den.

I'm not sure I could be more boring.

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