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2001-10-04 - 12:58 p.m.

I just get sick of hearing about broken links, so there.

Anyways, still trying to sort the job situation out, hopefully getting funding this week for a startup with my three dev pals, brian, tyler, and christian.

Wish me luck.

Bumped into Mindy at the floralshop yesterday, she was all bouncy, after not returning a call I made to talk to her about my situation...and having made several 2am calls herself, it really showed me what she was about.

When she needs me, it's okay to call, when I need her, "she gets sad and hurt when she talks to me" so fuck it.

Anyways, she asks me, "Hey, what's up? What are you doing here?


"Buying flowers. Bye."

Buying flowers retail sucks ass.

Buying flowers when you have no job, sucks a much larger ass.

I can survive a few more weeks, then I will be on the dole, or at least have to sell a car or something, maybe give blood.

I have three offers, one at 75, one at 80, doing dev mgmt, I really want this job, if the box4 company doesn't come to life...and another at 60. Fuck.

The economy is very different than it was a year ago.

I've gone out on a few dates, one with a WHITE GIRL I SWEAR TO GOD. The others were the beautifully tame half-japanese girl Susan, and a waitress named Annie, she's from the Virgin Islands, british, to be sure.

Chloe and I have been spending tons of time together.

That's about all I feel like writing.

Off to investment meeting. Wish me luck.

(my car is still dented)

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