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2001-11-02 - 4:57 p.m.

I've a ton of things to write.

I just got missent an email from a friend of susan's meant to be sent to Susan. I guess she forwarded a mail I sent her, after our last date, something sweet...and well, you can kinda infer what she wrote her friend by reading the response.

no spark no spark no spark no spark no spark no spark no spark no spark no spark no spark no spark no spark

Again - OH MY!! He sounds very sweet. I won't ask what the subject line means (tuesday and I'm sore?!?!?!) Some things are probably not my business. It's cool that he noticed that you tend to "clam" up a bit at first and then you open up to someone as you get to know them and feel more comfortable with them. Sounds like a great guy. That's probably something that won't make it any easier for you to decide what to do about this. Is his head too small, is that it. Is it actually proportioned to the rest of his body. I hate that in a man. Maybe it's his watch or his shoes. (I'm just giving you a hard time - you can't make yourself be attracted to someone)

Keep me posted. Did you respond back to his email? The last thing you need is another male friend. I shouldn't say that - you can never have too many friends :-)

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