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2001-12-20 - 2:04 a.m.

Pijohos: do you think i'm super cool like the fonz or like blur?

commiette: who's fonz

Pijohos: the fonz, what the fuck

Pijohos: wait --i forgot you moved here when you were 12.

commiette: yea

commiette: i dont know alot of things

Pijohos: he was this guy in happy days.

commiette: oh ok

Pijohos: who was like 30 and lived in their garage and was supposed to be cool because the high school girls liked him

Pijohos: but he never seemed really cool to me.

commiette: i saw him dancing on weezer video

Pijohos: when my babysitter was over she'd tell me she'd comb my hair like the fonz if i was good.

Pijohos: i tried to be really good when she'd say that.

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