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2002-01-15 - 1:49 p.m.

Wrestled the worst match of my two year career against Concession Boy saturday. The deal is he works the concession stand and sometimes gets called into the ring to wrestle.

It's a funny gimmick, and his mask that he pops on is filled to the top with Popcorn. He needs a LOT of work in the ring.

I won't say much about that, other than I am sure during the match he felt how upset I was by his missing every fucking spot.


That guy with the bald head always tells me to point at my gut. I love that guy with the bald head.

He was supposed to pull out hot dog tongs and clamp me on the crotch when I was choking him out with tape. He fucked that up and I had to chinlock him and tell him to pull his head out.

Once again Zout comes in and he and Quickiemart cause me to lose a match I have well in hand. I am doomed to lose every match for the rest of my career.

I did this today:

I was bored.

Susan came over last night and I cooked her dinner...first time in the apartment when Chloe was there..we looked in on her sleeping. Trying to take babysteps with her, about introducing Chloe into her life. I think it's best for all three of us.


4oz Lobster Tail broiled in butter and garlic with a teaspoon of limejuice

8oz filet with bacon wrap, medium rare, grilled with a woodear mushroom and basil creamsauce (lactaid cream, for susan's lactose intolerant tummy)

lemon-pepper and olive oil on grilled zucchini and squash

twice baked garlic mashed potatoes.


merlot for me plum wine for her.




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