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2002-01-22 - 3:08 p.m.

pics from saturday's tag team championship victory.

The Challengers come out, to rousing boos, from the crowd. Stupid Christians!

Rico catches Steel with a right hand, then readies him for a Tornado DDT.

This looks horribly gay. A second later he smashed me down to the ground backfirst, in what's affectionately known as a spinebuster

Ok, so I went to the top rope, readied myself for a victory roll, and Steel grabbed me for a running powerslam off the top rope. This hurt.

Which is why I'm holding my back, as if to say "Ow, that hurt.

One of my few offensive highlights, as I drop a top rope legdrop across Steel's neck. My outfit is so fancy compared to his.

Quickie-Mart's finish is called 24-7. I'm caught up in a waist lock, by Steel, and then Yaz comes off and gives me a reverse chinlock in the air and drops me onto the mat. I landed pretty hard on my head...because I was supposed to roll through for a cradle and get the pin, instead Rico missed his cue to smash Yaz with a chair and he had to actually execute the move...My head is still tender.

10 seconds later, I'd done a floatover cradle and held onto the ropes to get the three count, and secure the championship for Spanish Fly! We look like total retards. Check out how my mask is all crooked. What a dumbass.

My friend Tomas had this to say:

MVD rocks: du you have a tongue piercing?

MVD rocks: or you just look that stupid?

Pijohos: no, that's my epiglottis.

MVD rocks: Uuhha

He's german.

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