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2002-01-29 - 5:07 p.m.

Her mom hasn't called since Christmas Day.

She didn't tell me that she was moving to California, or that she'd even considered it.

She sent Chloe christmas packages, and of course, she put her return address as the Virginia (DC) one, not realizing that they put a Big Fucking Postmark On The Package.

I think Chloe deserves more than what she's gettting.

I don't want to push her about where she lives, what she does, who she sees, how she lives...none of it. Not my business anymore.


Chloe deserves her mom to be there for her. When she cries, because she's lonely and even mad at me... she deserves her mom.

She deserves more than I'm able to give her, and that really sucks.

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