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2002-02-26 - 9:27 a.m.

Hey Justin,

What's been going on? I am doing ok these days. I would like to say the same old shit has been going on but it hasn't been going that way here. Hey, I had an idea but I don't know if you would be interested. The thing is now I import and export goods from Thailand and surrounding countries.

Since you are in America You can find interested cutomers to buy goods from Thailand. Just let me know what kind of goods that might be interesting in the market where you are at and I will tell you if we can get them here. A good product is to supply latex gloves to hospitals.

I have a big farm that makes fruit and vegitable seed for export I will send you a list of these things. Or if there is a demand for lumber there such as teak wood cause I represent a company from Burma that I can get the lumber from.

I also supply Russian weapons but that might be a little touchy there in the USA. But seriously let me know if you are interested.

I have a shit load of factories that makes processed foods. But anyways talk to you later.

Your old freind and Cheif son,


"that might be a little touchy there in the USA" he says.

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