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2002-03-14 - 11:57 a.m.

Two funny Chloe things:

1) Last night we recorded an awesome answering msg...if you know my number, calling it will make your awww gland burst.

I had her rolling too, she was trying to tell me a story about some train in the station, which consisted of a few recurring details:

a) The train is the red one.

b) The train is fast and is the red fast train.

c) The train is sad, but is happy when on the train (I think she means track)

There were also details about a second train, the blue train, which escape me at the moment.

Anyways, she was making up the story, over dinner (fishsticks, waffles, peas, and corn for her, bibimpab for me) and after awhile I started mouthing the words she was saying and she at first was confused, then started to realize what I was doing then bust out laughing.

It was so funny, she would say them, and try to throw me off and then she'd lose it, and I'd start laughing and she'd try to quickly recover while I was laughing to get through her story.

2)She was taking pics of me at the office Monday, and wanted me to kiss her Barbie while she snapped the photos.

She'd say "Do this like this Daddy." and bring the Barbie up to her lips and smooch it....and then hand it back to me, grab the camera and get set up.

I instead, BIT BARBIES ARM. Ever the professional, she continued to snap away, while yelling at me to quit eating her dolls.

Pictures to follow:

No,nothing to smile about today besides that.

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