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2002-07-19 - 7:41 p.m.

Hey you know those super cool personality questionaires that everyone has on their super cool internet super diary highway onlines? I made my own. Feel free to use it!

Number of times you've snuck the car out and then went to pick up Eddie and been tripping so hard in your own driveway and had your brother jump off the roof and land next to your window and almost shit yourself?:

Favorite thing that you threw up after an eating contest?:
21 silver dollar Pancakes and Milk at Whataburger. They came out of my mouth and throat like a pancake snake.

Sluttiest name of a girl you slept with ever?:
Iwana. Yung's a tossup there I tell you.

Number of girls who've left you for a guy who drives a TransAm, Carmero, and/or Firebird?:
Two. Can I just throw truck with gunrack in there and make it an even Four?

Worst nickname you've ever had for a girl you dated?:
Ateman. Was out with friends and on a blind date hookup was told she looked like Justine Bateman..the response, "Bateman? More like ATEman."

Have you stole anything If yes, what?:
Only thing I've ever stolen (except a plastic rabbit from a lawn for ransom) was an Evil Kenivel Doll when I was 3. I swapped it with my dirty one.

Have you ever lied to get ass?:
I was unaware of any other method of aquiring said "ass".

hahah remember when that one thing happened and you were like, "dude, did you see that????":
Yeah, that shit was funny.

What is the most number of hours you've sat at work and done nothing at all related to your job.
: Seven. One time Greg and I just putted with these 500 dollar custom putters that some client left with me...all day. I think we might have stayed late, so maybe more than 7.

Number of nations that have supplied you with naked nights:
15:Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico,South Korea, Republic of China, Japan, Phillipines, England, Taiwan,Canada,Israel,Germany,Brazil,


Who's the best kisser you've ever had?
: Uncle Tim. haha that was you, if you're reading this.

Perfect measurements?
: 34 24 36.

Inside joke you were most jealous of not being a part of? :
Either Mindy and Chad's "Saving Private Wilson" line, or childhood pals Greg and Linda's "REMEMBER?" bus stop joke.I still don't know what that was about

Favorite legacy console game tactic :
Waiting till the 49th "year" of Utopia for Intellivision and then breaking treaty and slamming my brothers fishing boats with a PT boat and making rebels attack his island and then comes the part where he cries.

The one you'd take back:
Trick question. They are all too smart to fall for me twice.

Best Halloween Costume you'll never follow through with because you are super lazy:
Tron. Zombie Dale Earnhardt. A Sandman who chases my friend around who's dressed as Logan from Logan's Run, Snake Pliskin, fuck I don't have any really good ideas, except Tron.

What would be your ideal career choice?:
Being dad fulltime

What foods/snacks do you love but are somewhat ashamed of liking:
Squirt, Lik-A-Stik, Pork Rinds, Jerky Stuff (comes in a can looks like chewing tobacco), the bubble gum from the old baseball card packs, Funyons, Candy Necklaces

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35 Years old. 1971.
Taurus. Year of the Pig. Oink
Greying. Dyes, on occasion.
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dad. married father.
love, big fan of/in
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