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2002-10-07 - 1:30 p.m.


kimlinheh: it is interesting for me to chat with you, so have you got e mail?

pijohos: i have the email.

kimlinheh: do you think that we should contect each other?

pijohos: sure, i would like that and think that it would be an appropriate idea.

kimlinheh: so i am waiting for your email now

kimlinheh: email address

pijohos: if you are waiting i feel that it is the right time for me to give to you right?

kimlinheh: to tell the truth I am 26 yearold

kimlinheh: ok

pijohos: i forgive you for your indiscretionary misdirection! and I will share my electronic mail address.


kimlinheh: tank you

kimlinheh: do you want to have my mail?

kimlinheh: my email address?

pijohos: i would think that having your mail would be most smile creativing!

kimlinheh: i think your have sweet feeling

pijohos: why do you say such an expression?

kimlinheh: because you have beautiful sentence

kimlinheh: now it time for me to go home, i am sorry that i do not enough money to chat, please be sympathetic for me, because i am at internet here.

pijohos: goodbye

kimlinheh: why are you so late,????????????????

pijohos: i will write you okay?

kimlinheh: goodbye

pijohos: i was checking on my daughter who sleeps in her room at present, and is currently asleep.

kimlinheh: ok and see you in mails????

pijohos: yes ma'am, see you in mails!!!

kimlinheh: goodnight

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