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2003-04-23 - 3:41 p.m.

Around 3pm every day the sun comes up for me.

She pops online, and I open her window, on a silly chat program, since that's all we have besides phones, email, and webcams for another few weeks, and I watch the words appear.

Sometimes it's a hello, a hi, goodmorning sunshine, a wake up, something anything, but whatever the words, they always spell I love you to me.

Marie is everything I ever dreamed of in a partner, and she is coming to me, to us, in just 18 days. I will never let her get this far away again, as long as I live.

If I had the ability to make a girl from scratch,

to create the woman of my dreams from bits and pieces,

visions from within,

images and glimpses into my heart's deepest desires,

it would be Marie.

I am so incredibly lucky. 18 days.

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