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2003-06-03 - 11:40 a.m.

Since Marie has put our photos from our zoo visit up online on our photo site, and has been too busy to write much, I figured I'd put these thoughts about that day down, before I forgot.


You can get super close to these things. In fact, other than the tigers and lions, it's possible you could get bitten or eaten by nearly EVERY ANIMAL IN THE ZOO!!!

Chloe and Marie, and Chloe and Daddy.That's my cowboy shirt. I'm a Cowboy.

Keep in mind my camera doesn't have any zoom, so when Marie and I took these, we were petting the giraffes. They are so beautiful and awkward and elegant all at the same time.

Like two seconds later, this ostritch poked my right eye out.


Camels rule and they slobber. There is a tiny baby Camel that Chloe has fed, but it was sleepy that day. I would love to have my own Camel. I would ride it around town and you would be so goddamn jealous of it.

I don't know what this is, so maybe when I was feeding it I got lyme disease or something. It was like a gazelle or whatever.

The zoos here are crazy.

At the petting zoo Chloe and Marie feed the babie goats.

Why did I spell it Babie?

Marie feeding the Llama.

A big lizard maybe?

This bat was sleeping on the stairs. They have these huge greenhouses, or terrariums that have animals, birds, everything..they are beautiful. (HOT) The best are the monkeys and the bats.

My girls at the Japanese gardens at the zoo.

I love the zoo.

I'm in love and happy.

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