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2003-06-25 - 10:52 a.m.

I didn't sleep flying across the atlantic, coming back to Marie and Chloe.

I sat there staring at the movie, the food, the incredibly obese indian woman whose traditional outfit was ill-fitting and showing her hairy gut.

I sat there wondering why I even left. I don't ever want to go on a trip and leave Marie again.

I hate to admit that I need a break from Chloe sometimes, but I do, it's true. Time with her grandparents this summer after her school lets out will be an amazingly wonderful break for all of us, and a good chance for her to get some time with grandma and grandpa and all her cousins.

It will also give Marie and I time to cement this bond, and do some things together that are just ours.

A trip maybe...some sight seeing, hiking, whatever, as long as it just involves us, and nothing but us. Selfish, maybe.

I spent some time with her as she showed me all the new things in her room. New art, toys, paperdolls, wall magnets...made me feel so jealous.

I am glad they bonded while I was gone. I was worried about them getting along or marie embracing a role as a permanent authority figure in Chloes life.

She has really stepped in and been such a godsend and Chloe needs a motherly figure in her life. I am very blessed to have found someone as amazing as Marie to want to be in my life, let along take such an active role in the nurturing of my daughter's.

I'm really lucky to have them both.

Our new kitten Tron, has eaten some plants. She's very playful but isn't totally used to being held alot.

I saw Chloes arms and neck and they are covered with tiny cat scratches, and it's obvious why she's not so eager to be picked up anymore.

Chloe hasn't learned to be really gentle with her. She better figure it out fast.

That's all. Pretty boring.

Oh, Marie is easily the best lover I've ever had, and if there's anything good about leaving on a trip, it's that when I come home, I will have the most beautiful girl waiting for me, in a blue teddy and candles ,and bedside treats, drawn curtains, and a few hours to kill, wrapped up in her.

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