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2002-02-18 - 6:36 p.m.

Greg and I.

beloit08: =(

beloit08: I don't get it. how come we can't just have normal jobs?

beloit08: like, I would work in a factory with you. we could punch a time clock, and you would race for the first aid when my hand got stuck in a machine

Pijohos: and eat balogna sandwiches.

Pijohos: and take the bologna rind and rip it off and whip each other with it.

Pijohos: or maybe your idea.

beloit08: yes! out of steel lunch boxes that are rounded on the toip

Pijohos: with red handles.

beloit08: of course

beloit08: thinking about it, I might rather have bologna whip that hand caught in machine

beloit08: even if it means being ostracized


sleepingjeff: whats the actor from friends.. chandler

sleepingjeff: his real name

Pijohos: Chandler Bing.

sleepingjeff: his REL NAME ASS

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