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2002-09-29 - 9:13 p.m.

Talked to my little girl before she got ready for a wedding, and she had my mom send me a picture of her getting ready for school friday.

We then had this conversation:

justin: tell here to come here

mom: ok i will get her

mom: here she is

mom: chloe says hi

justin: HI CHLOE

justin: i built your bed this weekend

justin: and i am going to paint your table and chairs

justin: but i want to know what color you want them to be

justin: any color you want

Chloe(w/mom typing): pink

justin: what a shock

Chloe: you like pink

justin: any other colors for the chairs?

Chloe: green chairs

Chloe: dark green

justin: ok pink and green

justin: and when you get here i will have a kitty cat for you if you want one.

justin: it'sup to you

Chloe: i want one,

Chloe: a girl cat.

justin: okay we can get a girl cat

justin: can she be brown or black or grey?

Chloe: I want to name it Kemma

justin: why Kemma?

Chloe: pink cat

justin: they don't have pink cats, but I will look just in case.

Chloe: if they don't have a pink one a white would be ok

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