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2002-10-21 - 11:48 a.m.

Busy weekend. Was going to head to Vienna, because we have to leave the country every few months, and I know the next time I'll be leaving is to get Chloe Nov 30, so I was planning on heading with friends to see the city....that didn't happen.

Instead, Friday I went out for dinner and drinks with a girl I met on Diaryland, Kati, and her friend Eszter. A great time, and ended up on Castle Hill in Buda, looking across the river at Pest, it was a nice night out, even with the 10 miles of walking....

I had talked to Kati for a month or two before heading over here, and she is very funny and also serious. Both students, I think they've been friends for about nine years.... I have few friends that I've kept that long, other than when I return back to california, because I have moved so often.

I am jealous of that part of their relationship.

Saturday, Zoltan and I went to look for some hiking gear, I need new boots and probably settled on these Boreal middle ankle boots that will set me back 80 bucks, but they sell for 175 on their site, so that's a good difference.

Called my brother to wish him congratulations on his marriage...wishing I could have been there, feeling like a jerk for not seeing my daughter in her little flowergirl dress....

Worked out at the gym, three hours or so, started getting this tightness in my chest, on the right side, that still hasn't faded...just kinda comes and goes, not my heart, but I'm sure it's some organ breaking down at age thirty-one.

Rode the metro around Budapest looking for a good bottle of Vodka for Bogi, (as she hinted at it the week before) and to a florist for flowers, which appears to be a customary side gift for such events.

Home, shower, new sweater, 33 inch pants on. *yay me* feeling and( I think) looking good, heading out to Bogi's birthday party. (she, sister of Zoltan)

I had talked to Bogi wednesday or something, and mentioned that all the girls that were there going to be young girls there, in their early and mid-twenties, and I guess she thought I meant this in a negative way, and assured me she had some late 30's friends that she'd introduce me to.

Bad I don't want to be set up with any old ladies.

Re: Girls my age. You can't even call girls my age girls, they are Ladies.

So, we get there, and sure enough there are four tables of some very cute girls, 20-late 20'somethings, sitting around having a great time, and I see a table with The Old Girls.

So you know what comes next, Zoltan and I are hanging out with them, great converation of course, but no spark, I don't date soccer moms, but I had a good time nontheless.

Spoke mostly english, some german, my korean is useless to me here. Food was plentiful, and the party was getting louder and more friendly, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Zoltan just got dumped back in march by his longtime fiancee. He's just now getting back out, I guess. He's about the best person I've met since I've been here, even thought it is kind of weird to hang out with your landlord, I'm glad we get along well. He's got a good heart, and I'm sure going in and out of my apartment from time to time hurts him alot, since he and his ex bought it together before their planned marriage.

In the above photo, we popped some champagne for the birthday toast, and I think all of us were feeling nice and warm. I had gotten a few glances, probably just the old "who's the old guy" look, but who knows.

I got to talk to Issa, Bogi's roommate, that's her smiling above. She is so cute, and quirky, and I like hanging out with her. She has this mannerism that she does, where as she prepares to answer a question, she sort of pauses and tilts her head...very endearing.

So, anyways, the nights getting on, people are dancing and mingling, and I see Zoltan talking to a girl, a blonde in red, and she seems kind of outgoing, and I say good for him...and get drinks for our table.

Later on, I am introduced to her, Fanni (Funny is how she pronounced it, or somewhere in between) and we hit it off very well. We talked into the night, left the party together, and spent the morning talking in a cafe for hours.

The next thing I realize it's 7 am, and we both have got to get home. I had a great time with her, a soft sweet goodbye kiss and hug and hopefully I'll get a chance to see her again.

They (above) are so lit by this time..maybe 2am? I was too, but the world will never see the drunk Justin photos. (ever)

Sunday the Bills beat the Dolphins, and now my friend Tyler has to wear a Bills hat and hold a Buffalo Pennant outside of Dan Marino's resturant, and take pictures for me to put on the internet.

Good weekend.

Wednesday we go hiking at The "Raam szakadék" which is its a nice place 20-25km away from Budapest in the forest.

I think Raam means cliff or something.

Or maybe not.

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