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2003-02-25 - 4:07 p.m.

Not too long ago we walked in the rain in Vienna, the sky painting the streets (and us) slick with rain.

Everytime I glanced over at her, I saw her,the most beautiful creature ever created.

I wish she could have seen herself through my eyes, smiling, raindrops caught in her hair, walking next to me, leaning into me further and further until she realized she'd fallen in love with me.

If she could feel, if only for an instant, what I have in my heart for her, if she could see herself, the way I see her, she'd be overwhelmed.

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35 Years old. 1971.
Taurus. Year of the Pig. Oink
Greying. Dyes, on occasion.
Blue/Green/Grey Eyes.
5'11. Okay, 5'10
215 pounds of boy
dad. married father.
love, big fan of/in
day: sr proj manager
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